Meditate, Meet & Mingle a Support Session for Isha Hatha Yogis

We are glad to introduce a evening sadhana session for Isha Hatha Yoga Yogis, supported by Hatha Yoga Teachers. This session is for the people practicing Isha Hatha Yoga to come and practice together. Supported by Hatha Yoga Teacher you do your practice, couple of us will be available to support you.

The session is for Isha Hatha Yogi’s. You have learned the practice, now its time to deepend the practice. Supported by Hatha Yoga Teacher, every evening the session dedicated for a purpose.

  • 🌾 Practice session, where a Hatha Yoga Teacher available to answer all your queries.
  • 🌾 or Yogasanas Session, you will be guided through the asanas.
  • 🌾 or Angamardana Session, we will help you speed up your practice.
  • 🌾 Surya Kriya Session, to learn finer aspect of Surya Kriya.
  • 🌾 We also play a video from Sadhguru addressing a specific aspect in every session.

As we go along, we will introduce more. I recommend you subscribe with us, we will keep you notified, we do programs in UK & Europe. Upcoming sessions are in London, Leeds, Reading, Milton Kynes, Brimingham, Edinburgh, Swindon, Liverpool.

It was invaluable to have a teacher oversee my practice and be available to take questions and support me 1 to 1.


Such sessions can provide the impetus for those who lose enthusiasm for practicing on their own.


I really enjoyed the session. I had postures and breathing corrected which got me back on track. I’m very pleased and satisfied for the help and attention that I got.


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